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Danielle Petkovich approaches the criminal justice system with compassion and empathy. As someone who has had people close to her involved in the system, she knows how much it can impact a person’s life. Danielle understands that everyone makes mistakes and these mistakes should never hold back a person’s future. With a passion for the law, her life experience, and the desire to be an attorney since high school, Danielle was naturally destined to become a criminal defense attorney.


Danielle obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice, before heading to law school for her Juris Doctorate. Danielle began practicing criminal defense law in 2019, just months before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to her work in criminal defense, when the pandemic began she was appointed by the Nevada Supreme Court as a mediator, focusing on cases between landlords and tenants to resolve issues of past due rent. Danielle helped navigate the government resources created during the pandemic to help renters pay their past-due rent and allow landlords to continue to collect on their properties. As she continued her career in criminal defense, Danielle joined The Defenders because of the firm’s well-respected attorneys and reputation in getting results for their clients.


Outside of the office, Danielle is a fitness enthusiast who enjoys working out. She feels strongly that challenging oneself at the gym and getting better motivates all different aspects of a person’s life. She also enjoys spending time with her boyfriend and pets. Danielle is a foodie who enjoys trying the different brunch spots in Las Vegas and water activities at the pool, lake, or beach.

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  • UNLV
  • William S. Boyd School of Law


  • Nevada
Las Vegas, NV
William S. Boyd School of Law
Las Vegas, NV

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Nevada law firm, Law firm Las Vegas
Dr. Ben Rodriguez was riding his bicycle when he was hit from behind by a vehicle. Ben sustained multiple and severe injuries including a lacerated left arm, which resulted in a severe infection. Dr. Rodriguez was unable to return to work for several weeks and then only to an abbreviated schedule.
Nevada law firm, Law firm Las Vegas
Beth was at a two-way stop. She had the right of way. When a 17-year-old kid ran the stop sign, she couldn't get out of the way fast enough. Within seconds, the kid drove into the side of her car, forcing her vehicle to spin out. She slid within an inch of a wall.
Nevada law firm, Law firm Las Vegas
Robert was walking in front of a restaurant inside a local casino when he rounded the corner to enter the restaurant and tripped on a wheelchair that was leaning against the wall. He had no time to react and avoid the wheelchair.
Nevada law firm, Law firm Las Vegas
Carrie's husband, Robert, was a student pilot. When he didn’t return home from a solo flight, Carrie went to the airport where she was told all planes were accounted for.
Nevada law firm, Law firm Las Vegas
David was driving his son’s car the day of his accident. On his way to pick up his son from school, he had nearly crossed the intersection in downtown Las Vegas when a woman at a stop sign charged forward. She hit him head-on.
Nevada law firm, Law firm Las Vegas
Jaime was on the job, driving his tow truck, when another driver pulled out, hitting him on the driver's side of his vehicle. He suffered injuries to his neck, right arm, shoulder, and spine. As a result of the accident, he was unable to work.
Nevada law firm, Law firm Las Vegas
Jerard and his wife were riding jet skis while on a vacation at Lake Powell. When they returned to the houseboat, another jet ski inadvertently turned in front of Jerard, throwing him off the jet ski and knocking him unconscious.
Nevada law firm, Law firm Las Vegas
The other driver ran a stop sign, slamming into Jim’s car. The left side of Jim’s body—his shoulder and leg—was injured, and he tore cartilage in his chest. He required several surgeries on his shoulder, as well as extensive physical therapy to recover.
Nevada law firm, Law firm Las Vegas
Kevin was stopped at a red light when another vehicle drove into the back of his truck. He was knocked unconscious, and when he came to, all he could hear was the sound of metal dragging on the road. Instinct told him to put his foot on the brake.
Nevada law firm, Law firm Las Vegas
Laura B
While playing with a friend in the yard, Laura was attacked and severely bitten on the arm and leg by her neighbor’s dog. She suffered deep flesh wounds and spent five days in the hospital receiving skin grafts and plastic surgery.
Nevada law firm, Law firm Las Vegas
Laura got the green light at an intersection when the car coming in the opposite direction turned right in front of her. He never even looked. She slammed into the side of his car. After the impact, Laura got out of her car and passed out in the street.
Nevada law firm, Law firm Las Vegas
Robert T
Robert was having lunch at Long John Silver’s when he slipped and fell in grease while on his way to the bathroom. He sustained injuries to his right wrist, left hip, neck, back, and groin.