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Injury accident in Reno Tuesday morning

On Tuesday, February 13, there were confirmed injuries following a traffic accident in the Reno area. The collision had occurred that morning at around 5:32 a.m. at the intersection of Veterans Parkway and Pembroke Drive. The injured parties had been treated at the scene by attending medical personnel. Those requiring additional treatment had been later transferred to a local hospital for additional treatment. The circumstances that had led to the collision had not been included in the initial reports. The area had been temporarily closed while emergency crews had been present. Tow trucks had been needed to clear the site of the resulting wreckage and other debris to reopen the roadway to outside traffic. No further information on the collision had been available at that time. An ongoing investigation into the cause of the crash had been in the hands of local law enforcement officials.

No more information is available at this time.

Feb 15, 2024

Speeding kills an average of 30 people a day, with over 11k traffic-related deaths in 2022 being attributed to speeding and it being a factor in 29 percent of all deaths in Nevada roads.

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Help in a Crisis

Following a traumatic event, people often feel helpless, confused, and experience emotional shock. They are confronted with a situation for which they are totally unprepared.

Often there is no one available in the immediate aftermath of a tragedy to guide the victims through these difficult hours. The TIP volunteer provides this necessary temporary support until persons involved in the crisis are able to depend on family, friends, neighbors, and other resources in the community.