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The day dragged on and evening fell as lawyers haggled over money. Money was all that was left to talk about since the accident took both my client’s legs more than a decade ago. Outside, streetlights flickered and I thought of the streetlight, struck by the car my teenage client was riding in that October day in 2002.

Now a 28-year-old woman, my client and I exchanged smiles as my mind wandered back to her deposition years ago. She described the events leading up to the crash and when she was finished the callous defense lawyer said, “That’s it?” My client shot back, “No. That’s just the beginning!” She detailed learning to cope as a double amputee, with multiple surgeries and ongoing complications. I thought of the teenage boy who died in the crash and how his family’s lawyer from another firm took the small quick settlement and moved on. I contrasted our 13-year legal battle, disappointing dismissals and four appeals, which finally brought the reluctant defendant to the settlement conference this day – to pay a fair amount. This passion has driven me through 35-years of helping injured people.

When the confidential settlement was struck, there were a lot of tears and hugs, even the worn out defense lawyers were relieved. As my client and I walked out, I knew “that was it” for me on this case. But for my client, it was “just the beginning –” the beginning of a life with resources and independence, the things money can buy.

To all my clients, thank you for your trust and confidence in allowing us to represent you. And to all the people in the communities we serve, thank you for caring enough about your family and friends in their Journey to Justice, to refer them to us. We are Nevada’s largest personal injury law firm for the people – and according to our clients, the hardest working.