b'With the understanding that Las Vegas needs water in order to survive, the Las Vegas Valley Water District went into immediate action, adopting emergency drought measures. Through these measures, including limitations on lawn watering and aggressive awareness campaigns to inform residents about excessive water use, the area was able to cut usage by 15 percent, which made up for the deficits experienced during the drought. While many could have considered the problem fixed, the professionals guarding Southern Nevadas sacred water supply began looking 5, 10, 20 and more years into the future, making plans for the water supply.The Las Vegas Valley Water District immediately enacted the following water restrictions:Watering schedules Valley-wide, with emphasis on commercial locations withpools, fountains and golf courses.Water budgets on residential properties, which allocate a certain amount ofwater per home, and applies surcharges for overuse.Private and public pool regulations that dictate the maintenance and waste protocol.But is that enough? signedonMay20,2019,wasagreeduponby representatives of all seven Colorado River Basin States, the U.S. Department of the Interior and the Since2002,SouthernNevadahasaddedBureau of Reclamation. Together, the plans are almost650,000newresidentsand7milliondesigned to help stabilize the river system, and annualvisitors,allwhiledecreasingpercapitato help reduce the risk of the system reservoirs consumption by 36 percent. falling to critically low levels.InordertoincreaseconservationeffortsandWithaconcertedeffortbyallstatesutilizing ensure an adequate water supply, the seven stateswaterfromtheColoradoRiver,theresagood thatreceivewaterfromtheColoradoRiverchancethatwewillbeabletorecoverLake Arizona,California,Colorado,Nevada,NewMead, bringing it to supply levels necessary to Mexico, Utah and Wyominghave entered intoprovide ample water for the areas in need. But, theLowerBasinDroughtContingencyPlan,with global warming and growing populations, whichessentiallyrequiresthatallstatesusewe may be in for a tough fight to bring Lake Mead less water from the river. Beginning in Januaryback to greatness. What we do know, though, is in 2020,ArizonaandNevadaagreedtoleaveaorder to keep Las Vegas bright, we need to focus portion of their water allotments in the reservoir.on Lake Mead. Otherwise, Las Vegas will revert TheremainingstatesandMexicohavetheirback to the desert it once was, without the glitz ownallotmentadjustmentstomake. ThePlan,and glamour weve all come to know and love.Water Conservation Tips Makesurethesprinklerheadsare Avoidtheuseofnarrowstripsof theappropriatesizeandheightforlawn,grassincurvingareas,or your landscape. grass on slopes. Lookforsignsofanirrigationleak, Becognizantofwaterusewhen includingpoolingwaterorbubblesshowering and other indoor water in your grass. usage and make cuts when possible.9'