b'HOT 100W hat a journey it has been for Spirit of Nevada! For the past three years, Spirit of Nevada has taken its viewers on a journey throughout the great State of Nevada, shedding light on everything this great place has to offer. From well-known attractions like Peppermill Restaurant, to community organizations like Three Square, theres always something new to discover in Nevada.As we celebrate the three year anniversary of the inception of the show, we celebrate other milestones: Highlighting 100 people, places and events that make Nevada great. With nearly six million views, were doing exactly what we set out to do with this video series: allowing people to discover both sides of Nevada. For Nevada residents, we under-stand how hard it can be to stand out when compared to the stunningly bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip. With world-class entertainment, restaurants and nightlife, Las Vegas is, and will always be, a destination. What makes the Spirit of Nevada featured things great is theyre not trying to compete with the Strip. Theyre making a name for themselves all on their own. And while we will from time to time feature a Strip attraction on the series, our focus is the other special places that keep Nevada close to our hearts.As we celebrate our Hot 100, make sure to revisit any episodes you havent seen. You never know what secret gem is hiding in the Spirit of Nevada archives!32'