b'historyandfantasy.WalkintothebackyardofParkon Fremont with its hidden treasures. Evel Pie, a pizzeria opened by the son of Evel Knievel, pays homage to the daredevil with a brass statue of the hero along with a motorcycle suspended from the ceiling and other memorabilia. Walk a little farther to Container Park with its fire-breathing Praying Mantis, fun shops in refurbished containers and a cool park at its center.The Smith Center forthe Performing Arts While known for presenting world-class entertainment, The SmithCenterforthePerformingArtsoffersawonderful opportunity to walk and engage with art. Symphony Park is host to local artist Tim Bavingtons Fanfare for the Common Man, a colorful interpretation of the 1942 Copland song. Its Red Rock Canyon Nationaltwo-acre park includes green open space as you observe art in the desert. The Carillon Tower is a 17-story bell tower housing Conservation Area a four-octave carillon, comprised of 47 handcrafted cast bronze bells. The grand lobby in The Smith Center features Benjamin TheSouthernNevadalandscapeiscomprisedofseveralVictors Genius In Flight, inspired by the Winged Figures of spectacularparks,includingRedRockCanyonNationalthe Republic at Hoover Dam.Conservation Area, located just west of Las Vegas. Considered themostmagnificentparkinSouthernNevada,trailsfor leisurely walks and the 13-mile scenic loop for an extended paceencompasstheviewofthemountains.Gazeatthe plateaus that drop to the valleys, rock formations and wildlife. You might witness bobcats, foxes, deer, burros, bighorn sheep, mountain lions and coyotes in their natural habitat. Sunrise and sunset create the most breathtaking views while you remind yourself that you are just miles outside of Las Vegas.Springs Preserve Asauniqueindoorandoutdoor attraction, SpringsPreserveencourages visitorstoexploreitstrailsystemand botanicalgardenswithdesert-adapted plants and animals. Learn about the ecology, biology, history and culture of the Mojave Desert asyouwalkthroughprehistorictimeconserved for generations to come. The attraction covers 180 Sunset Regional Park acreswithmuseums,Boomtown1905(arecreated historical streetscape), DesertSol (solar-powered home) Just east of the Strip, Sunset Regional Park remains the crownand several galleries, as well as its miles of trails and jewel in the Clark County park system since 1967. Sunset Parklandscapes.TheOrigenMuseumcombinesthetwo expands over 214 acres of land with new playgrounds, a splashwords, original and generations, to showcase over 75 pad, walking trails, shaded picnic and open turf areas. Walkpermanent exhibits. The Nevada State Museum is along the lake while watching others fish. Contemplate whilehoused in a 70,000-square-foot building featuring strolling among trees and grass.over 13,000 square feet of exhibits from fossils to the atomic explosion to showgirls.'