b'MISTAKES HAPPENHAVE A LAWYER READY FOR ANY SITUATION.WHAT IS 5G, AND HOW WILL IT AFFECT CONSUMERS ANDDUI | Traffic TicketsTHEIR DIGITAL NEEDS? Warrants | Criminal Defense5G HOVERS ONWhile 4G LTE ushered in the era of mobile internet, 5G will be a generation of wireless technology. 5G offers three new aspects, including higher speed to move more THE HORIZONdata, greater responsiveness and the ability to connect more devices at the same time. There are three bands of spectrums used by carriers: low-band,mid-bandandhigh-band.Currently,carriersin the U.S. primarily use low-band spectrum for LTE, but space is rapidly being depleted. Sprint has the majority of unused mid-band spectrum in the U.S. and is working to improve 5G service on that band. AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon will launch the high-band spectrum for 5G coverage. 5GnetworkswilluseexistingTEXT Low-frequencybands,makingit25to50percentYOURcellularandWi-Fi fasterthanLTE,accordingtoapresentationgivenby T-Mobile exec Karri Kuoppamaki. Those networks canTICKETcover the same distances as existing cellular networks and generally wont need additional cell sites. Sprint is setting up all of its new 4G cell sites as 5G-ready, and itll just flip the proverbial switch when the time is right. Rural networks will probably continue with low-band 5G due to its coverage. To get super-high, multi-gigabit speeds, carriers have to utilize newer and higher frequencies. The editor of PC Magazine, Oliver Rist, has written that driverless cars may need 5G to integrate fully. While theTicket Busters can save youfirst generation of driverless cars wont need 5G, futurevaluable time and money.models will interact with other cars and smart roads to manage traffic. Forbes forecasts that by 2030, there willCall or Text Ticket Bustersbe 21 million driverless cars in the United States and 27702.666.6666Continues on next page.'