b'Mass Torts Happen When A Defective Product Or Prescription Harms A Large Number Of PeopleY ouve seen the commercials touting a product or a prescription drug for its convenience, effectiveness and ability to change thequalityoflife.Butwhensomethinggoeswrongwiththose productsordrugsaffectingnotjustafew,butmany,masstort litigationisneededtorightthosewrongs.Thisisacivilaction involving numerous plaintiffs against one or a few defendants in state or federal court. Althoughtheapprovalandmarketingofprescriptiondrugsand medical devices are regulated by the government, there are still some on the market that cause harm. Injuries can be permanent and even life threatening. Richard Harris Personal Injury Law Firm boasts of an expert team of Las Vegas defective product lawyers. They work hard to make sure clients are treated fairly and compensated when theyve been injured as a result of unsafe products and prescription drugs.12'