b'Dont WreckYour Case on SOCIAL MEDIAR emember,theinsuranceadjusterand4 Dont join groups with names or discussions opposing attorney on your case will bewhich could compromise your claim. searching for details regarding you and your claimed injuries. Ideally, it would be5 Block all but certain people from viewing your best to close your social media sites during yourprofile. In Facebook, you can do this under case. This will ensure you and your friends posttheSettingsbyselecting"OnlyFriends"under no damaging information and lessen the possibil- search visibility. ity of something being used against you.Checkyourprivacysettingsandmakeyour6 For Facebook users, you can remove yourself 1 personal information and posts private.from showing up in Google\'s search results, too.Gotoyourprivacysettingspageandun-check the box under Public Search Listing. This 2 Whenuploadingphotos,beselective.Askis a must. yourself, Will this help or hurt my case? Set up filters allowing only friends to see your photo7 Keep your case private. Dont post any pho-albums. For Facebook users, select "Only Me" fortos of your accident or give any information people who can view your tagged photos.regarding recovering from your injuries, or activ-ities which may be construed to be inconsistent 3 Accept friend requests only from people youwith your claimed injuries. Ask your friends not to know personally. An insurance adjuster maypost about your injuries and activities. If you send send you a friend request hoping to gain accessa message, know who youre sending it to. to your personal information. 66'