b'Drivers OptionalThe year was 1969, and The Love Bug introduced the driverless Volkswagen Beetle to the world. The car had a mind of its own and could drive wherever his owner, and eventual friend, Jim, needed him to. Herbie and Jim eventually find out that Herbie has the gift of speed, and Jim resurrects his racing career. With Herbie controlling the car, they change each others lives for the better.The Love Bug isnt the first, and certainly wont be the last, movie that features a driverless vehicle. From Batman to The Knight Rider to The Fifth Element to I, Robot, the world isnt a stranger to driverless vehicles. But, are we ready for them in real life?The U.S. allocated $650 million in 1991 to research autonomous vehicles and the incorporation of these vehicles into existing highways. It wasnt until many years later that automobile companies began investigating and planning the creation and large-scalemanufactureofautonomousvehicles.Now,numerouscompanies,including Audi, Tesla and Waymo, have created functional autonomous vehicles that they are testing in markets across the country.Most vehicles are not ready to completely perform autonomously. Many cars have autonomous features, like parking assistance and collision prevention measures. These features are becoming more and more widespread in newer vehicles and are assisting in the acceptance and excitement of the vehicles coming to the market. With each new feature a car boasts, the more tangible the reality of autonomous vehicles becomes.Driverless vehicles bring a great deal of hope and revitalization to the automobile industry. Its an industry that has been wrought with setbacks and shutdowns over 20'