b'Walk-inbathtubsaredeathtraps.Fortheelderly,manufacturers aggressivelymarkettheseexpensiveproductstothem,claiming increased safety and other health benefits. However, scientific research fails to back up these claims much to the dismay of the customers and their adult children who often pay enormous costs for these products and installation. Instead, statistics show that older and disabled adults are suffering severe or fatal injuries after falling in poorly designed tubs that do not allow for easy exit. Weeds sprout everywhere, and one of the most popular products used to combat this problem is Roundup Weed Killer. However, exposure to the product with its primary ingredient, glyphosate, has been linked to deadly forms of cancer, including non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Roundup is the most widely used herbicide in homes and farms throughout the world, but the cost of weed control can be too high when it involves illness or worse.Hernia mesh is a loosely woven, flexible sheet to cover the weakened muscle wall to strengthen the surrounding tissue and hold the internal organs to reduce hernia reoccurrence. There are over 100,000 implantations of hernia mesh in the United States each year. It is a widespread procedure, but complications cause pain, infection and obstruction requiring surgical removal.E-cigarettesandvaporizers areanincreasinglypopular alternativetotraditional smoking.Butthelithium-ion batteries that power the devices canexplodeandcatchfire, leading to an increasing number ofsevereinjuries.Inhaling toxicvaporscausessevereand sometimes fatal lung injuries.TheretrievableIVCfilterwasdevelopedin the early 2000s to improve blood flow during medical conditions. Unfortunately, the longer the filter is in place, the more it breaks apart and its removal becomes complicated. Both permanent and retrievable filters are a potential risk. While defective products and dangerous drugs remainonthemarket,ourfirmcontinuesto investigate and prosecute hundreds of cases for justice for our clients. For a complete list of lawsuits, visit our website at RichardHarrisLaw.com.13'