b'WHEN IT COMES TO AUTO INSURANCE:KNOW WHAT IS AT STAKE AND CHOOSE THE COVERAGE THAT PROTECTS YOU!WHAT IS LIABILITY CAR INSURANCE? Liability coverage pays to repair damage or treat injuries you cause to others in an accident, protecting your assets if youre sued. The two main types of liability car insurance are:Bodily injury liability covers medical expenses and lost wages for other drivers, passengers and any bystanders or pedestrians injured in a crash you cause.Property damage liability pays to repair or replace others vehicles and valuables, as well as damage to their property in an accident you cause. This can include government property, suchas lampposts.HOW MUCH LIABILITY CAR INSURANCE SHOULD I BUY?Buy enough to cover whats at stake. How much you need depends on the value of your assets, or what your combined savings and property are worth. Its highly dependent on your financial situation. The more you own, the more liability insurance you should have. If you caused an accident and were sued, liability insurance would pay first, protecting your assets from being seized or sold. But it only pays out up to the limits stated in your policyyoure on the hook for the rest.For example, if you found your net worth to be $220,000, a good policy might have $250,000 liability limits or higher. Property damage tends to cost less than injuries in an accident, so focus on the liability for injuries when looking at coverage options. Liability limits are usually shown as three numbers, referring to the most your insurer will pay for an accident you cause. A common policy structure has 100/250/50 liability limits, which covers up to:22'