b'10 YEARS of Talented Teens: Home Means NevadaI ts been ten years since the first Spirit of Nevadaafterapanelofjudgesfromtheadvertising,public scholarshipcontest(thencalledStudentswitharelationsandvideoproductionindustriesscored Cause), and Las Vegas teens have continued yearall entries.afteryeartoshowusjusthowimpressivethehigh school students of the Battle Born State truly are.Short Story/Poem: Alyssa Lagua, West Previous years themes have included Discover BothCareer & Technical AcademySides,WhatitMeanstobeBattleBorn,Justin Case, and many more. This years theme was Home Means Nevada, which asked Las Vegas students theirArtwork: Memoryz Webb,interpretation of what Nevada means to them. StudentsLegacy High Schoolwere asked to translate the topic into an artistic theme in any of four categories: a short story or poem, work of art, video or music. Each winner was awarded a $1,000Video: Michael Skinner, Advancedscholarship,and$500wasawardedtotheschoolofTechnologies Academyeach winning student.As a proud Nevadan for over 50 years, I know thatMusic: Tiffany Fung, West Career &theres more to our great State than the famous Strip.Technical AcademyHavingourlocalhighschoolstudentsexplorethis years theme, Home Means Nevada, and present their work in such creative and thought-provoking mediaAwards were presented to the winners by Samantha has again, far exceeded my expectations. said RichardChian, host of Spirit of Nevada, at the Richard Harris Harris, Founder of the Richard Harris Law Firm. OurLaw Firm office. Students, their families, their teach-winners did a fantastic job showcasing what Nevadaers and school district representatives were invited to means to them. Congratulations to Alyssa, Memoryz,celebrate the success of the students and to share their Michael and Tiffany, and thank you to all the entrantsentries. Winners were then featured on the May 16, of this years contest.2019, episode of Spirit of Nevada.NearlyfortyClarkCountySchoolDistrictstudentsFor more information about the 2019 Spirit of Nevada submittedtheircreativeworks.The2019Spiritscholarshipcontestortoviewthisyearswinning ofNevadascholarshipwinnerswereannouncedsubmissions, please visit SpiritOfNevada.org.17'