b'Innocent until proven guiltyMany people do not realize that the Fifth and Sixth AmendmentsAdditionally, the Sixth Amendment allows a person to answer to both provide rights to an attorney in different situations.their charges in the court of law, not the court of public opinion. The Fifth Amendment provides the right to counsel duringA judge and jury must be impartial so their decisions will not a custodial interrogation (pre-criminal charges); the Sixthbe swayed by the thoughts of the public. This is important in all Amendment provides the right to effective assistance of counselcases, but especially in higher-profile cases, where the defendant during critical stages of criminal prosecution. This is importanthas pundits and commentators reporting on the case, potentially to realize because people have rights to an attorney if they areshaping the views of the general public and inadvertently altering being interrogated, even if they are not the suspect or the personthe outcome of the case. The questions that attorneys ask when accused of the crime. building the jury are an important strategy in ensuring fairness in the outcome of the case. SIXTH AMENDMENT There are many other Amendments to the Constitution that prevent human rights violations in the country, and while its The Sixth Amendment protects the defendant during criminalimportant that everyone knows the basic rights provided by the court proceedings. The Amendment states that when a persondocument, when youre facing criminal charges, that last thing has been accused of a crime, they have the right to face theiryou want is someone with basic knowledge of the Constitution accuser at a speedy and public trial in front of a jury of theiron your side. Human rights violations can happen at any time, peers with an attorney and the necessary evidence to support aand without the knowledge of an experienced attorney, a person fair case. could jeopardize their freedom completely unbeknownst. This Amendment is arguably one of the most important.So, while youre enjoying popular legal television shows like Through the Sixth Amendment, defendants know exactly whatLaw and Order and Criminal Minds, remember that there are they are accused of, by whom, and can gather the witnesses andhardworking criminal defense attorneys working behind the evidence to defend themselves against the charges. By providingscenes to protect the rights afforded to you in the most powerful the full scope of the alleged crime and consequences to a per- document in our land.son, they are able to gather the best defense for themselves; this Amendment was created to prevent the railroading of an ac- We at The Defenders believe good preparation makes for the cused person, where they are forced to make decisions based onbest defense. In the words of Abraham Lincoln, Give me incomplete information. The goal is transparency for all parties. six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.64'