b'work,livesandfutures,especiallywell on all of us, and our goal is alwaysWealsohavealotofeventsand duringtheirweeklydinners.Itwasto serve the client the best way we can.opportunitiestointeractwitheach duringoneoftheseSundaydinnersIm tough with them, but Im also fair.other,saidAndrea.Fromthebig that Shannon encouraged her daughtersIt can be a tough line to ride, but weeventsliketheholidaypartyorthe to apply at the firm. Both heeded theirmake it work. firmretreattothelittlethingslike mothersadvice,appliedandwerethemonthlybirthdaypartyorfun hiredAndrea in the Medical RecordsWhileAndreaworksalongsidehercelebrationslikeNationalCookie department and Emily in Intake. mother, Emily has a different workingDay, I dont feel like a stranger around experienceasthefirmsmarketinganyone I see in the office.Its fun working with our mom; itscoordinator,aroleshesheldsince likeeverydayisbringyourkidtohergraduationfromUNLVin2017.Working together at the Richard Harris workday,said Andrea.IfIforgetShesstationedinthemini-dome,Law Firm is what the firm was created somethingoramnotfeelingwell,the building across the street from thetodo.Itsaplacewhereindividuals andIwanttocallmymom,shesmain Richard Harris Law Firm office,come together with a common goal: To right there. whichhousesTheDefendersandserve those who come to them in need. Ticket Busters. Much like a family, the Richard Harris We get to go to lunch a lot, said Em- Law Firm team puts their heads, hearts ily. They all laugh a very similar laugh. Im usually so busy in my building soandtalentstogether,worksthrough when I take a break, its a relief to bechallenges, and does whatever they can Its nice working with my daughtersable to go see my mom or my sister,to do their best each day.because they understand what I do. IsaidEmily.Ihaveadailyfamily can lean on them when Im having areunion. Its nice because theres a littleWith so much emphasis on coworkers tough day, or I can share stories withbit of space between us so were not allbecoming family, its no wonder why them and they already know the cast ofon top of each other, but at the samebeing an actual family works so well at characters. Its really comfortable andtime, when I need them, I can get toRichard Harris Law Firm.easy having them here. them very easily.TheresabsolutelynothingIwould AfterthreemonthsintheMedicalAll three women credit the environmentchange about working with my kids, Recordsdepartment,Andreawaswiththesuccessoftheirworkingsaid Shannon.promotedtobecomehermothersrelationship.Thefirmwasbuiltby litigationassistant.Ifyouthoughtafamilyman!HeunderstandstheItsreallyfunnywhensomeone going from your mothers coworker toimportanceoffamily,andwantstodoesnt know were related and we call your mothers assistant would be hard,recreate it within the firm. Even thoughher mom, said Emily. You can just you would be very wrong.its a big place, they make an effort toseetheconfusionontheirface,and make the environment really personalthen they start to look at each of us and Atwork,theyremydaughters,butwith one-on-one touches. Its not likethe lightbulb comes on.theyre not my daughters. I treat thema big corporation where youre just a just like any other employee. And sincenumber.Tothefirm,yourefamily,Weallgetakickoutofthat,said Andreaismylitigationassistant,Isaid Shannon. Andrea,laughinginunisonwithher want her to do a good jobit reflectsmother and sister.Ladies, we get a kick out of you, too!Andrea Shannon Emily 15'