b'For Every StepIf youre unable to work at the hands of illness or injury, Social Security disability benefitsarenotautomaticorguaranteed.Unfortunately,formanyreasons, applicants for Social Security disability are denied their benefits. The average national rate of approval for initial disability claims is only 36 percent.YouvespentyourlifepayingintotheSocialSecuritysystem.Nowyoure disabled, and youve been denied benefits. Thats not fair.Fortunately, disability claimants can appeal their denial, and the Government AccountabilityOffice(GAO)foundthatclaimantswithanattorneyor professional representative were granted benefits at a rate nearly three times higher than those without representation.Richard Harris has stood beside the injured and disabled for 40 years. HarrisDisabilityLawisafirmdedicatedexclusivelytoSocial Security disability claimants. Our Social Security professional representativesknowthesystemandcanhelpgetyouthe benefits you deserve.Discover how we can help you apply for disability or appeal your denied claim. Contact us at 725.999.9999 or online at HarrisDisabilityLaw.com.For Every Step11'