b'Just Call Our Name. Well Be There in a Hurry.S ince 1980, the Richard Harris Law Firm has been a leading personal injury law firm, protecting the injured and serving as a beacon of hope. As a Las Vegas headquartered firm, Rick Harris and attorneys have had a central location to help those in need. Men and women across the entire West can rest easily knowing the Richard Harris Law Firm is close enough to help.To help broaden the reach of the firm, the Harris Air Force was born, growing to three aircraft able to quickly shuttle attorneys and clients to meetings, scene inspections,depositions,mediationsandcourtdates.Madeupofsomeofthe highest performing aircraft on the marketthe Cirrus SR-22 GTS, known as the most sophisticated single-engine civilian airplane ever built and by a long shot, the Hawker Beechcraft Premier, the worlds fastest light jet, and the legendary Swiss turboprop, the Pilatus PC-12the Harris Air Force quickly gets the job done.These planes are an airborne symbol of the extra mile the Richard Harris Law Firm and its attorneys are willing to go in order to make sure the clients who have put their trust in the firm are served to the best of the firms ability. 5'