b'MESSAGE FROM RICKA Forty Year Legacy of Excellence Another day out Westand were lucky enoughtocallithome.Theworld knowsusforourentertainment and attractionsthe spectacular lights and natural beauty of the ruggedlandscape.Butthe bestpartsaboutlivinghere arethetraditions,theway of life and the people of our communitiesthediverse, kind,hardworkingfolks,co-workers,soccerparents even that stranger who smiles whentheypassbytheeveryday people who sacrifice for their families, and for all of us. Their stories make us proud of the work we do.You see, when one of us gets injured in anaccident,well,Iguessyoucouldsayits personal.For 40 years, the Richard Harris Lawhas remained constant through Firmhasbeenhelpingpeoplethroughtheirthe yearsour clients come first. darkest hoursthe hardship of serious injuries and the heartbreak of losing a loved one.Fromthebeginning,wevesetthestandard At our core, were a family business, with strongforextraordinaryclientserviceandresults. family values.As lawyers for the people, weHeadquarteredinLasVegas,Nevada,the havetheresponsibilitytohelpothers.AndRichardHarrisLawFirmhasabigfootprint whenwecandothat,torightawrongandwith offices throughout the West, representing make someones life better, thats the greatestinjured people from around the country and all honor.40yearsago,theRichardHarrisLawover the world.Firm began with a single client. And one thingContinues on next page.'