b'EXPLORING THEa s temperatures dip to balmy digits, theSIGHTS ON FOOT for surprising sights and sounds of Southern Nevada beckon to take long walks discoveries. Yes, there is the glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas Strip, but step away and explore the unique history and growth of an area that was once just a stop along a railroad. The art district encompasses culture and art with an emerging community of creative people. Downtown captures the senses with color, music and people watching. Discover the majestic beauty of nature while hiking in regional parks and national conservation and recreation areas. History comes alive as time almost stands still in a city that is 114 years old. Put on those walking shoes and see the world from a different perspective. Las Vegas Arts District, 18b The Las Vegas Arts District, 18b, continues to transform with its street art, coffee shops, galleries, studios, restaurants, bars and lounges. Its bohemian environment includes an ever-changing outdoor art gallery. The Joie de Vivre mural on the corner of Colorado Avenue and Main Street depicts a multicultural group jamming during a dance party. Radial Symmetry showcases a 16-by-16-foot metal sculpture of two Paiute baskets leaning on each other at the intersection of Garces Avenue whereMainandCommercestreetsintersect.Notone,buttwo26-foot-tallshowgirlswelcome visitors at St. Louis Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard. The Arts Factory repurposed a 50-year-old commercial warehouse in 1997 to create art, and Art Square expands that block with outdoor art and cultural offerings such as Cockroach Theatre. Main Street is now revitalized as one of the coolest places to walk and hang out any day (or night) of the week. Fremont Street East Entertainment District The recent revitalization of the Fremont East Entertainment District, beyond the Fremont Street Experience, has developed into the outdoor gallery of artistic neon signs from the past, including a martini glass and ruby slipper. The pedestrian-friendly community with diverse street life and attractions begins with Lyft Park featuring art installations from Burning Man. Check out Neverwas Haul, built on a fifth-wheel trailer, that resembles a three-story, mobile Victorian home embracing 6036'