b'JessicaJessicaTEXAS GIRL IN A PERSONAL INJURY WORLDEverythinghappensThe Richard Harris Law Firm had distinguished itself for a reason. Its a famousfrom a lot of other personal injury law firms for its quote, one that everyones probablyamazing work, not only in their legal accomplishment, heardand saidat least once. Butbut also for how they treat their employees. When the for Jessica Munoz, its a quote thatopportunity presented itself for Jessica to join the team, speakstoherentirelifeandhowshe jumped at it. She joined the firm in April 2016,far she has come. It led her to herand has been a fierce protector of her clients rightscareer and through her interactionsever since. with each and every client she hasIbecameapersonalinjuryattorneybecauseIlike represented in their times of need. fighting with the big insurance companies and helping Jessicawenttocollegewiththemy clients recover just compensation for their injuries. intentionofbecomingaclinicalInsurance companies love to look for any way possible psychologist.Shesought,andto avoid paying a claim, and its our responsibility to earned, her undergraduate degree inmake sure that our clients get what they deserve.Psychology from the University ofDetermining what a client needs to get back on their Texas at El Paso. As Jessica preparedfeetandrecoverfromthepersonalinjurysituation forgraduateschool,everythingthat brought them to Richard Harris Law Firm can be happens for a reason led her to studycomplex. For one case that sticks out, a mother was withalegalpsychologyresearchdriving with her two children when a drunk driver hit professor,whoseresearchspannedtheir car and killed her daughter. Who could determine fromeyewitnessidentificationtowhat a fair result would be for someone who had lost policeinterrogations.Themergerofsomething so great?thelegalandpsychologicalworlds opened Jessicas eyes to the possibilityMoney will never replace what she lost, but she was of becoming a lawyer. Throughout ourable to move her family to a better neighborhood and research,myquestionsalwaysseemeduse that money to help provide for her other children. to focus more on the legal injustices of theIts the challenge of personal injury law; Jessica and the system rather than how the brain processed theother attorneys at the firm are representing clients who information, said Jessica. are going through one of the toughest times of theirAt the advice of her professor (and her mother, wholives. It is at these moments where the Battle Born spirit focused on Jessicas love of arguing), Jessica applied,of her adopted home flows through Jessica.and was accepted to Texas Tech School of Law.Tobebattlebornmeanstosucceeddespitethe Law school proved to be a good fit for Jessica. I loveobstacles and hardships encountered. We are thrown that, with the law, you are always learning. There iscurveballs every single day, but we cant quit.always more to learn about [the] field.Outside of the passion Jessica has in representing her After graduating from law school in 2011, Jessicaclients, Jessica is passionate about her family and her movedtoLasVegasknowingnothingabouthome in the State of Texas. Texas is, and has always local law firms. She knew she had an interestbeen, home to me. Im very family-oriented and I go in personal injury law, but finding the perfecthome quite often. I was born and raised in El Paso, and placetopracticebecameachallenge.Shethere is just no place like home.beganworkingatadifferentareafirm,butWhetherhomeequalsTexasorNevada,Jessica was intrigued by the reputation of the Richardknows that she is exactly where she is supposed to be. Harris Law Firm.Everything happens for a reason, remember?'