b' $100,000 for injuries per person. What is Umbrella Coverage? $250,000 for injuries total, per accident. Think of umbrella insurancesometimes called excess$50,000 for property damage per accident. liability insuranceas a fail-safe for your savings and other assets. You can avoid financial ruin if you accidentally cause Remember,yourautopolicysliabilitymajor injuries or property damage to others that exceed the coverage does not pay to repair your ownliability limits of your car insurance. Because a large lawsuit property or injuries if you cause an accident. can wipe out not only your current savings, but also what you stand to earn in the future. Even if you dont have assets to WHAT IS UNDERINSUREDcover a massive settlement now, you could be stuck paying off MOTORIST COVERAGE? the debt for years.Since car insurance can be expensive, many drivers only buy the minimum coverage required by stateHOW ARE INSURANCE PREMIUM laws, just enough coverage to drive legally. NevadaRATES DETERMINED?and Colorado only require drivers to have $25,000 in liability coverage. California requires even lessAll insurance companies are not created equal. coverage$15,000. This means many driversSHOP AROUND. Get quotes from several are underinsured. If they cause an accident, theircompanies before choosing.minimum coverage could not be enough to payInsurance companies assess your annual medical expenses and lost earnings if youre injured.premium based on many factors such as:Up to 25% of all drivers have no car insuranceAgeat all, putting you at even greater risk. HavingGenderunderinsured motorist coverage will benefit youWhere you livein this situation. Your costs might not be coveredby another drivers policy. But underinsuredMarital statusmotorist coverage (UIM) protects you when youreMake and model of your vehiclein an accident thats not your fault. As a result, Your driving recordyou wont have to worry about paying for out of pocket expenses.Your credit historyYour annual mileageWHAT IS FULL COVERAGE?When you add collision, comprehensive and medical payment insurance to your liability policy, it is considered full coverage.Collision: Pays to repair yourcar after a crash you cause, orpays out your cars estimated valueif its totaled.Comprehensive: Covers theft and damage caused by vandalism or acts of nature (such as a tree limb falling on your car), among other things.Medical Payments Coverage: Pays for you and your passengers medical treatmentno matter who causes an accident.'