LAW FIRM RICHARD HARRIS LAW FIRM: GETTING YOU THE HELP YOU DESERVE WITH SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY. Trust the Professional Disability Representatives at Nevada’s largest disability practice. Call or text (702) 444.4444 to schedule your FREE Social Security Disability Claims consultation. 25 Our 21st Century website: T he term “internet” was coined in 1969, but it wasn’t until 1998 that our law firm developed its first website. Back then was merely a digital brochure, but since then our website evolved with innovation allowing us to engage with past, present and future clients in more effective ways than ever. When you have been injured or lost a loved one in an accident, the lawyer you choose makes a difference to the successful outcome of the case. We constantly survey our clients and post their reviews and testimonials on our website. Pictures and bios of our lawyers and staff help you get acquainted with us even before you meet us. Our website allows you to directly call, email or live chat with us. It’s important for us to be there for our clients each step of the way, and that starts before you walk in our door. We have many useful resources such as the Case Resolution Process and instructional videos to help make you more comfortable and prepared to work together on your case. Our secure Client Portal provides status updates and next steps on every case. Past newsletters can be found on our website with firm success stories like notable verdicts and settlements. We care about our clients long after their cases are over, and our blog authentically and transparently communicates our vision, provides thought leadership to better influence the communities we serve and gives sound advice on safety and other important topics. 24 We also remain part of the conversation on social media Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and the firm’s other social media channels. Visit to learn more.  ✔ We accept clients at all stages of the claim process. ✔ We help clients complete applications and other forms, collect medical records and other necessary documentation to make sure Social Security has all the needed paperwork for your case. ✔ We help appeal the claim if benefits are denied and ensure all requirements and deadlines are met. ✔ We appear before Social Security Administrative Law Judges in hearings to determine eligibility and continue fighting in Federal Court. ✔ We advise and guide clients through the entire process.