RETIRED? DISABLED? Helping you choose the right Medicare Plan 702.366.2223 One call gets you access to: ♥ Our Full, Knowledgeable Team ♥ Right-Fit Insurance Coverage ♥ Individualized Medicare Coverage Ability Health Advantage is dedicated to guiding you through the Medicare process and helping YOU choose the right Medicare Advantage Plan. Ability Health Advantage is a full-service Medicare Plan Provider We’ll walk you through the basics of Medicare, determine your eligibility and get you the coverage that meets your healthcare needs. We’re able to assist with all Medicare services and options. 13 Motorcycle Safety: 101 Protect Your Body Head to Toe Wearing appropriate protective gear from head to toe when riding is imperative and helps minimize the severity of injuries in an accident. A helmet, sturdy pair of gloves, boots and riding clothing are a top priority and part of the riding experience. Ride Defensively and Be Seen Visibility is a key factor in motorcycle safety, and you should never assume a driver can see you. A few easy ways to increase the likelihood of being noticed on the road include riding with your headlights on, staying out of drivers’ blind spots and being sure to give a signal ahead of any change in direction. Be Cautious of Road Hazards Road conditions affect cars and motorcycles much differently. Hazards that have little or no impact on vehicles, such as debris, uneven roads, wet pavement and railroad crossings, can pose a serious threat to riders. Motorcyclists must know of road dangers and take precautions to avoid them. Never Drink and Ride Come on, friends, we all know better. There are enough risks that come with riding as it is, and adding alcohol or impairing drugs to the mix only increases the likelihood of an accident. Be smart and always ride sober. “We have extensive experience in motorcycle injury cases,” said Richard Harris of the Richard Harris Law Firm, “and are proud to be the Law Tigers affiliate in Nevada and Northern California.” Law Tigers is a national network of local motorcycle accident attorneys committed to protecting fellow motorcycle riders. Law Tigers attorneys have successfully handled thousands of lawsuits for riders throughout the country and provide the victims of motorcycle accidents and their families with individualized, unique and experienced representation. Top tips for protecting yourself on the road O n average, Southern Nevada has around 300 days of sunshine a year, that’s 10 months of ideal motorcycle riding weather. But with a longer riding season come more riders and more chances for an accident. Before you head out on the open road, consider these top tips to stay safe while you live life in the fast lane.