Did you know the SSA rejects TWO THIRDS of initial applications? Don’t give up and, if you have friends or family who are struggling with the process, don’t let them give up either.

In this type of situation it is sometimes best to have a representative acting on your behalf. Not only because a Social Security Disability Attorney has filed hundreds of cases before and knows exactly what needs to be done, but having someone else present your case for you removes the emotional aspects of how you would present the case yourself, which makes your claim and evidence much more solid, believable, and UNDENYABLE because it forces the Claim Reviewere to look at the facts of your eligibility.

We can help you file for an appeal and show you how to present your claim in the best way possible. Call us for a free consult at 702.444.4444.

Here’s a little information on how we can help:


Why should I file an Appeal?

Frequently when people receive a denial they are very frustrated and angry that they have been denied and the number one mistake people will make is to not appeal the decision.

It is very important to appeal the decision. There is a 65-day timeline to appeal the decision from the date on the denial.

When you call our office and you have been denied we are able to file an appeal for you online in two minutes.

Why we’re different…We Care.