Drunk driving is serious business and should not be tolerated.

Just as with texting and driving, any type of distraction from the road can prove to be harmful or even deadly. We want to encourage you to refrain from drunk driving on every occasion, whether that means having a designated driver, taking a cab home, or choosing to stay home and throw your own party, we promise that, no matter what, you’ll be helping create a safer community for us all.

In this video, Richard Harris recounts a drunk driving case he handled for the father of a teenage girl who was a fatal victim of drunk driving.

Video Transcript:

You see that stop sign up there? It says Stop DUI. That was given to me by the father of a young, teenage daughter of his who was tragically killed by a drunk driver.

And after we settled the case against the drunk driver and the drunk driver actually went to prison for that tragic accident, he created that stop sign, STOP DUI, that he gave to me as a momento of his daughter and to help remind me and everyone that we need to stop driving while under the influence.

So I keep that up there as a reminder that driving under the influence is serious business and we should not do it, and we should not tolerate it and there are a lot of victims out there who have suffered or have lost loved ones because of it.

Why are we different? We care.