Did you know that if you or a loved one from outside Nevada is in need of legal representation in Las Vegas you can get the help you need with as little as one (and possibly even none) return trips to Las Vegas in order to settle or resolve your case?

Watch this video to find out the different potential scenarios and how Richard Harris Law Firm can help.

Video Transcript:
Las Vegas has millions of tourists a year who come here to enjoy themselves. Some of them get hurt in traffic accidents, slip and fall, trip and fall type accidents, and other types of accidents that cause injury.

Many of our clients come from every state of the United States; we’ve represented people from all over the world. It’s not necessary to come back to Las Vegas as long as they hire a local Nevada lawyer who can present that claim, gather all the appropriate information, present it to the insurance company, and get the case successfully resolved.

In the event that a lawsuit is required because there’s a dispute concerning liability or the medical case has been determined to be too significant that the responsible party refuses to settle the case for a fair amount, then a lawsuit may be required. In that case, the client may be required to come back to Las Vegas as many as once, twice, maybe three times for different stages of the process. For example, if a deposition is required of the client they will have to come to Nevada and give that deposition, which is sworn testimony, under oath the presence of a court reporter. In the event that an arbitration proceeding is required they would be required to come back to Nevada as well. And in the rare event that a trial occurs, they would have to participate in that trial process by coming to Nevada. There may be two, three, four times in which a client who lives on state may be required to come back to Nevada to help participate in the presentation of their claim.

Most cases settle without the need for a lawsuit, and in those cases the presence of the client is not required.