On October 25th, the Traffic Bureau released traffic statistics for 2012, showing how deadly the roads have been up to this point in 2012.  This is a great reminder of how dangerous our roadways can be when people are careless.

The number of collisions is already at 19,269 for 2012, while in all of 2010, we had only 18,849 collisions.  Now the Holidays, historically very dangerous because of drinking, are approaching.  So far this year, DUI arrests are at about 8,500, while last year there were just over 7,000.  Also, most people in Las Vegas are aware of how many pedestrian fatalities we’ve had this year, so far accounting for 36% of the 93 fatalities in 2012.

To see the full report, go to this link http://www.lvmpd.com/Portals/0/pdfs/102312.pdf.  The report shows collisions, fatalities, DUI arrests, most dangerous intersections and more.  This year, sadly we  have topped the last 2 years in every dangerous category.  Hopefully this will serve as a wake-up call to Las Vegas drivers.