Thermal, CA (July 31, 2020) – An injury crash took place on a roadway in Thermal early yesterday morning. 

A few minutes before 3:00 a.m. on Thursday, July 30, two vehicles were involved in a crash that took place on Fillmore Street near the 68th Avenue intersection. One person sustained injuries in the accident, though their identity has not been released. 

The California Highway Patrol completed an accident report that stated that a black Jeep Cherokee and a blue BMW collided for reasons still under local authority investigation. 

Paramedics were observed assisting injured victims at the scene of the crash, however, the severity and scope of any injuries suffered remain undisclosed at this time. 

No one involved in the collision has currently been identified as police continue their investigation into the circumstances of the crash. 

Nothing further has been released regarding the details of the crash. 

A police investigation will be carried out.

Auto Accidents in California

Thermal CA - Car Accident on Fillmore St Causes InjuriesCalifornia auto accidents take place thousands of times per year. Being one of the most populated states in the nation, if not the most populated, the Golden State’s accident rate is also one of the highest in the United States. On average, nearly 275,000 injury crashes take place in California every year. Distracted and negligent drivers often are the cause of these accidents. According to a recent traffic study conducted concerning the state of California, approximately 48 lives per 100,000 of the population are taken each year. In the year 2018, California saw 3,304 fatal accidents take the lives of 3,602 individuals.

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