Sometimes, getting to know someone on a more personal level allows you to more clearly see why you can trust that person more than anyone else.

Often when people present only one side of themselves for the sake of a conveying business-type reputation, the withholding of the other parts of themselves can make them seem inauthentic even though the reason they are doing so is understandable and valid. One man whom we can never accuse of being inauthentic is Richard Harris.

Mr. Harris has told his story time and time again, and does so with the same passion as in the very first time. Mr. Harris is also not afraid of showing his true self to his staff, his clients, to the world. That type of openness and unwillingness to be anything other than the truth is what has made him the best attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada. The same fervor he brings to the personal passions of his life, he brings to the courtroom. That is why you can trust that, if your case is in his hands, it’s in great ones.