The Richard Harris Law Firm sponsored and administered the Students With A Cause PSA Scholarship competition for the 5th consecutive year.  The competition is over now, all the students have submitted their PSA’s, the judges have judged, and the awards have been given.

This year’s topic was difficult, with an assigned subject of “Helmet Safety.”  Regardless of the selected topic, I have always looked forward to watching the efforts of the students when they begin submitting their videos…and I’m always amazed at the results.  They always exceed my expectations.  This year was no exception as the students addressed this topic with their usual creativity and wit.

The winning videos were both animations, with the winning video, submitted by Frank Johnson, being a stop action video of an egg who learned the importance of Helmet Safety.  Stop action is particularly difficult because it requires physical movement of the characters and then a single frame is shot, and the character is moved again and shot and so on.  This stop action is set to 15 frames per second, so each second of video required the movement of the character and then take the shot, 15 times.  For a 30 second video that requires 450 separate frames, each set up by hand, and done in a way that implies motion.

The second place video was a team video submitted by Andi Nguyen and Alec Espinosa, which was a more conventional electronic animation showing the dangers of not wearing a helmet represented by a green monster, with Hemet Man coming to the rescue.

Winners were announced on May 5, and the award ceremony took place on June 11, with Sean Bell presenting the trophies and scholarship awards to the participants.  Both scholarship winners still have a few years left in high school, so we look forward to additional creative submissions from them in Students With a Cause 2015.

Thanks to all who participated, and to the Clark County School District for providing these types of educational experiences for their students.

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