Each year at Christmas time, the Richard Harris Law Firm holds a competition between teams, to decorate their pods.  The winning team receives a prize, but according to Michelle Scott, 2012’s winner, the prize is not the motivating factor.  “I just do it because I want to win,” said Scott when asked why she puts so much effort into the competition.   One of her competitors, Lauren Gasca, who is in the pod next to Michelle, says, “I do this because I want to beat Michelle Scott!”  When asked if her pod is complete, Lauren said, “I’ll probably finish it Friday morning, before the judging begins.”  This is also strategically too late for Ms. Scott to make changes to her pod.

It’s all in fun, of course, as the competitive nature of the team leaders comes out as they attempt to outdo each other in Christmas decorations.  Ms. Scott’s pod has a Santa Claus-Pirate theme, while the Gasca pod seems to have an Alice in Wonderland look (see pics of work to date).  We won’t know exactly what the final product is, until Friday morning when the judging begins. The firm has been decorating pods at Christmastime for the last 3 years now.

Decorating began in early December, and will conclude on Friday, December 20, with a walkthrough of the entire firm.  All of the employees of the firm will walk through the individual pods and vote via email for their favorite pod.  The email votes are tabulated and the winner is declared at the pot luck lunch to be served on that day. It is a diversion, but not one which interrupts these employees work.

Most of the decorating so far has been done during non-working hours.  Ms. Scott came in last Saturday and did most of the work on her pod at that time, and Ms. Gasca was decorating after working hours Friday night.  It will be interesting to watch the creativity of the participants as the final judging begins.


The final votes have been tallied, and the winner is…Michelle Scott by a TKO in a 10 round bout.  It was fun however to see these two teams duking it out.  Congratulations to Michelle for putting together an outstanding pod this year (she even brought her husband to be a pirate), and also congratulations to Lauren, because her pod was outstanding as well.  Thanks to all who made the season a bit more fun.