Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, hundreds of millions of Americans will visit family, attend holiday office parties, and celebrate a variety of occasions. With the grand finale of this year’s holidays just around the corner, Attorney Richard Harris of Richard Harris Law Firm wants to ensure that everyone has a safe, happy holiday season and offers reminders for this festive, and hectic, time of year.

Two categories of accidents have been identified as being the typical types of accidents that often occur in over-crowded shopping malls. The first category falls under premises law liability and include incidents such as slip and fall accidents, retail accidents, and trip and falls. The second category falls under criminal law and can include pocket-picking, theft, and assault.

Personal injury lawyer Richard Harris advises the following shopping safety tips:

  1. If you shop alone try to do your shopping during the day rather than at night
  2. If you must shop at night, opt for a well-lit parking space as close to the entrance as possible and always appear alert and ready to take action if necessary. You may appear to be an easy target if you are distracted by a cell phone or have your hands occupied with bags.
  3. Protect yourself from pick-pocket targeting by not wearing visible jewelry or valuables when going to shopping malls.
  4. If possible, instead of carrying a purse or satchel, use your pockets to hold your car keys, money or credit cards; it is closer to your body therefore harder to steal. But always be careful when obtaining items from your pockets – make sure you do not drop anything!
  5. Dress comfortably for your shopping experience. Wear comfortable and safe shoes to avoid slipping, tripping, or falling on the floor, stairs, or escalators.
  6. Be vigilant of your surroundings and if you notice something wrong immediately report to security.
  7. And, above all, DON’T IGNORE YOUR INSTINCTS. If something doesn’t feel right, act on your instincts.

Stay safe!

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