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You expect when you use Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) vehicles, that you’re going to get on a big bus or use a CAT para-transport bus for transport around the city. But if you’re one of the approximately 8,000 people who have used the new bike sharing service in Downtown Las Vegas recently, you are riding RTC vehicles.

Bike Sharing in Las Vegas Begins

This service started about 6 months ago, where you can go to a common bike rack, pay a fee, and use a bike to ride around downtown, and then leave it at another bike stand near your destination. Apparently, the response has been good. About 8,300 people have made use of the bikes and ridden more than 25,000 miles.

“The bike share program is integral to our commitment to provide multimodal transportation options in Southern Nevada,” RTC General Manager Tina Quigley said. “There are various ways to travel but our residents and visitors are embracing the convenience and affordability bike share brings to the downtown area.”

RTC provides 180 bicycles at 21 rental racks around Downtown Las Vegas and has a bike center at their Bonneville RTC Transit Hub. RTC’s website has a map of all the locations where you can rent and drop off the bikes. The locations range from the Stratosphere to the Zappo’s Building. The cost to rent a bike is $4 for a half hour or $8 for a full 24 hours. Also for $20 per month, users can get unlimited access to bikes.

Bike Safety in Las Vegas

The advantages to riding a bicycle are well established in terms of personal and environmental health. Las Vegas has improved safety for bike riders a great deal by providing separated and well-marked bicycle lanes on many streets in the city. However, when that worst-case scenario occurs, it can be devastating.

“The fatality rate for bicycle crashes is quite high compared to almost anything else,” said Dr. John Fildes, Trauma Medical Director at University Medical Center. It is important that bicycle riders practice a great deal of situational awareness so that they protect themselves from a hostile environment on the roads.”

The RTC has published a regional plan for Southern Nevada, which includes some safety statistics for pedestrians and bicycle riders. “At 25 mph, a pedestrian or bicyclist has an 89 percent survival rate, compared with survival rates of 68 percent and 35 percent at 35 mph and 45 mph, respectively.” Since most roads in Las Vegas have speed limits of over 35 mph and most drivers are exceeding that to varying degrees, it does provide a dangerous place to ride.

Many organizations have published bicycling safety tips, such as, and Bike Blast Las Vegas. It is important that bicyclists follow the safety recommendations of such organizations for their own protection.

RTC has also published a list of bicycle routes around the various localities in the Las Vegas area and includes many off-road bike only trails that will assist bikers to get out and around the city safely.

Bicycle Accident Lawyers in Las Vegas

With the great weather and mostly flat terrain of Las Vegas compared to many other cities, it’s natural for people to get out and use their bikes. We encourage all bicyclists to learn all they can about what’s available in our city to assist them to get there safely.

When accidents do occur, as they are bound to do, and if you are injured while riding your bike, we want to do all we can do to assist you. Our lawyers are well qualified to handle your case and make sure you’re able to obtain everything you’re eligible for in case of an accident.

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