According to the Nevada Department of Public Safety, motorcycle fatalities in Clark County are on the increase for 2019.  Through August 2019, 24 fatalities have been reported, las vegas personal injury lawyerwhich represents a nearly 15% increase over last year through August.  We certainly read newspaper articles and hear news reports regularly about fatalities on motorcycles.  All drivers should understand the unique challenges faced by motorcycle riders and act accordingly.  Defensive driving on the part of car, truck and motorcyclists can minimize the number of injuries and deaths of motorcyclists.

What are the common causes of motorcycle accidents?

It’s estimated that motorcyclist fatalities amount to 5,000 per year nationwide, with injuries of motorcyclists estimated at 90,000.  Considering motorcycles only represent 3% of vehicle registrations in the U.S. these fatality and injury statistics reflect special challenges motorcyclists face when riding.

Car turning left in front of motorcycle – This is considered the most common cause of motorcycle accidents.  It is also a large cause of all motor vehicle accidents.  Cyclists should be on a constant lookout for signs that a car is turning left to avoid these accidents.

Gravel and road hazards – Gravel in unexpected places or potholes can be devastating to a motorcyclist.  Experienced cyclists can usually navigate these situations.  Don’t ride faster than your skill and don’t over-estimate your skill.

Entering a turn too fast – The rule of thumb for motorcycle riders is Slow In – Fast Out.  Your pace should where reaction time and ability to take action fit within your range of vision. 

Car changes lanes – Motorcyclist must assume that they are invisible to 4 wheelers.  Stay out of blind spots.  

Impaired motorcycle riding – If you’re impaired, don’t ride.  It’s that simple.

Nevada Motorcycle Traffic Laws (DMV Motorcycle Operator Manual)

Helmets – Must be worn in Nevada when operating a motorcycle.  Face shields or goggles must also be worn, unless the motorcycle has a windshield or screen. 

Complete Lane – Motorcyclists have the right to use a complete lane of traffic

Passing – Motorcyclists may not pass or ride next to another vehicle in the same lane

Lane Splitting – Besides being dangerous, it is also illegal in Nevada.

Motorcycles may go through a red light – Under certain conditions: if after two light cycles, the light doesn’t change either through a defective signal or not being triggered by the motorcycle, the motorcycle rider may go through after yielding to pedestrians and other traffic.

The Richard Harris Law Firm represents injured motorcycle riders

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