In almost every news cycle we read or hear reports of accidents involving a motorcycle with the result that the rider was killed in the crash.  In many cases the news reports single vehicle accidents, where the rider was going too fast or was riding irresponsibly.  Other reports involve other vehicles turning in front of motorcycles or otherwise disrespecting the rights of way of the motorcycle rider, or a multitude of variations on that continuum.  Unfortunately, the reports have become all too common.

In the past year, our firm has lost a friend and former employee to a motorcycle accident.  We know the sense of loss that ensues when highly valued people lose their lives due to traffic accidents whether involving motorcycles or otherwise.  In the aftermath of such an accident, our hearts go out to families and friends of those who are seriously injured or lose their lives.  The human loss is sometimes difficult to measure.

From a legal perspective we also deal everyday with losses that real people incur due to traffic accidents.  We attempt to translate that human loss to a financial settlement which never equals the loss of a human life, but hopefully allows closure to the survivors, and a chance to move forward with their lives.

The good news

Without minimizing the grief of losing a loved one in any type of accident, so far in 2020 (through May), perhaps due to the reduced activity due to the Corona Virus, the number of motorcycle accidents in Clark County and throughout Nevada is significantly down.  Clark County shows a 44% decline in motorcycle deaths over last year’s totals at this time.  The entire state has experienced a 48% decrease in fatal motorcycle accidents.  Our hope is this trend will continue.

What we do to assist with motorcycle accidents

While traffic accidents of all types include many common areas of legal consideration, motorcycle accidents do include specific legal concepts which require the experience of the lawyer who handles the case to seek and obtain the most equitable settlement for a motorcycle crash.  The Richard Harris Law Firm has affiliated with Law Tigers, a nationwide network of lawyers who specialize in motorcycle accident law, and trains and informs other member law firms of changes to and the nuances of the law which can affect the settlements of motorcycle accident victims in a positive way.

Law Tigers through their community outreach, also partners with local motorcycle dealerships and other interested clubs and groups to provide training and support of their customers and members.  Additionally, many resources are provided to motorcycle riders at no charge through their website.

The ultimate goal of Law Tigers is to provide the best legal representation to motorcycle riders when they need it.  They also endeavor to improve motorcycle safety and promote responsible riding so that all motorcyclists can have a safe experience.

The Richard Harris Law Firm represents motorcycle riders

Motorcycle enthusiasts need and deserve the best legal representation available when an accident occurs.  The lawyers of The Richard Harris Law Firm know that and stand ready to provide premium legal representation for victims of motorcycle accidents, when needed.  If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, or a loved one has been injured or tragically lost their life due to a motorcycle accident, call our firm today to discuss your potential case at (702) 444-4444.

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