Littlerock, CA (August 16, 2020) – A wrong-way car accident has left two people hospitalized at an intersection in Littlerock. 

The crash occurred at the intersection of Pearblossom Highway (Highway 138) and 75th Street at approximately 8:05 p.m. on the evening of Thursday, August 13 for reasons still being investigated by local authorities. 

According to police deputies who were present at the scene of the crash, two unspecified vehicles were involved in a head-on collision at the intersection due to one of them traveling the wrong way on the road. The reason the crash took place remains under investigation at this time. 

One person involved in the wreck required extrication by fire crews from their vehicle. The injured victim was then airlifted to a nearby hospital for the treatment of serious injuries. 

Another injured victim was transported by ambulance to another nearby medical treatment facility. 

The current conditions of those injured in the wreck have not been released. No identities of anyone involved in the wreck have been publicly disclosed at this time.

The crash remains under local law enforcement investigation at this time.

No further information has been released. 

California Auto Collisions

Littlerock CA - Wrong Way Crash on Pearblossom Highway Causes InjuriesRecent traffic statistics estimate that only about 2% of auto collisions are head-on crashes. However, head-on collisions account for well over 10% of all traffic accident fatalities in the United States. The most common types of injuries related to accidents of this magnitude include, but are not limited to, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, catastrophic head injuries, broken bones, and in worst-case scenarios, paralysis, and death. 

California auto accidents take place hundreds of thousands of times per year. California, being one of the most populated states in the nation, has one of the highest accident rates of all of the US states. A California car crash takes place approximately 485,866 times a year. These accidents injure over 276,000 people and take the lives of more than 3,000 individuals. The state of California alone accounts for approximately 11% of the nationwide accident-fatality rate. Since 2013, car accident-related deaths in the Golden state have increased by 23.5%.

Many questions often arise after you or a loved one are involved and injured in a catastrophic traffic accident. In most cases, injured accident victims are faced with debilitating pain that has a negative impact on their emotional and physical well-being. This pain can be exacerbated when their injuries were caused by another person’s negligence. Depending on the severity of the collision, an injured accident victim could be faced with towering medical bills and various damages and losses. 

In worst-case scenarios, injured accident victims lose their lives, leaving their family behind to deal with the aftermath of their accident while attempting to process the sudden loss of a loved one. This type of situation can be extremely stressful and overwhelming, which is why it is in your best interest to contact a California wrongful death attorney who will be able to assist you to collect full and fair compensation for your losses.

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