We’re in love with Nevada and we’re not afraid to show it! Watch this video packed with excerpts from the Richard Harris Law Firm family touting what exactly it is we just can’t get enough of…

Video Transcript:
I love Las Vegas. I love Nevada. It’s a state that provides opportunities like no other.

Nevada is home to us and always will be so we have a very close attachment with Nevada that’s gone back for more than 100 years in our family. That something we are very, very proud of.

I think the reason I like it here so much, I love it here so much is because I found that it’s not what people think it is.

One of the very best things about Vegas and it’s something my father always said and I think I’ve, kind of, come to believe in as well, is that you’ve got an amazing town that has a world-class level of entertainment, shows, food, whenever you want. But then you can drive 30 minutes into the mountains and you’ve got a whole other world.

Vegas is a very unique town because you get people from all walks of life.

People still move here from all over the country, all of the world. It’s always fresh; you always get a mixed pot of backgrounds and perspectives.

It’s a beautiful beautiful city. When I drive into work or I’m driving home from work I see the skyline. The lights and the strip. It just… All of the things that you hear about Las Vegas and everything melts away because it really is a beautiful city. I consider I’ve grown up here. Certainly my career has flourished and I’m proud to be here. Proud to be in Nevada. Proud to be with Richard Harris Law Firm.

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