This phenomenal video from Richard Harris Law Firm outlines the details of what to look for when considering a nursing home for your loved one. Watch the video then contact us for a free consultation if you need help filing a nursing home claim.


If you have a loved one who needs nursing home care, finding the right facility is a top priority for your family.

We all want to feel like we can trust nursing staff to provide our loved ones with the care they need in that respect they deserve. That’s why it’s important to know what to look for when you’re searching for a care facility. Doing your research and visiting different care facilities can help you make the confident choice.

Ask your friends, family, people in your community or other medical providers for recommendations on nursing home facilities they trust. You can also look online to find nursing homes’ quality ratings and feedback from other residents and families. Just know that regardless of how a nursing home may tout their advantages or use a state’s rating system to attract potential residents, nothing compares to the experiencing the living conditions and services firsthand. Once you’ve narrowed down a few facilities you’re interested in, visit them unannounced. Walk the halls, talk to the residents, and taste the food if you can. Be sure to play attention to the facility’s cleanliness and take notice whether if the residents seem happy and relaxed.

Ask yourself, “Does it smell clean?” “Are there any odors?” “Are resident doing activities or are they stuck in their rooms?” “How do the nurses and caregivers treat the residents?” “Do they seem compassionate and aware of their needs?” And, ultimately, “Would I choose to live here if I needed nursing home care?”

Placing your loved one in a nursing home is a tough decision but carefully and thoughtfully evaluating each potential facility will help you make an arrangement you can trust. Our lawyers know how to recognize the difference between good and bad homes and we have experience handling nursing home claims.

Call us if you have questions about the care your loved one is receiving. We want to help.