We held on for our lives during the “Car-nado.” We narrowly escaped the “Big Squeeze.” Finally, “The Main Event” has begun. At least someone at the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) has a sense of humor, even if the results of their efforts haven’t been that funny. These are the names given by NDOT for the various phases of their Project Neon, which is a significant reconfiguration and lane addition to I-15 at and around the U.S. 95 interchange. Phase 3 of this project is being called the Main Event. It begins March 6, 2018, and work will go on until late 2019.

Otherwise known as the Spaghetti Bowl, the I-15/U.S. 95 interchange is the busiest interchange in Nevada, hosting 300,000 vehicles per day, and sees an average of three car crashes per day. The $1 billion Project Neon involves not just this interchange, but also entrance/exit reconfigurations from D Street, just north of the Spaghetti Bowl, to Sahara Avenue on the south. It is estimated that traffic loads at this interchange will double over the next 20 years, and Project Neon aims to prepare the Spaghetti Bowl for that traffic load.

Expect Lane and Exit Closures

Several lane closures and restrictions will take effect when the Main Event gets underway. Here are closures and lane restrictions to expect:

I-15 closures and restrictions

March 6 through November 20

I-15 North and Southbound will be reduced to 3 lanes each direction between Sahara and Washington and reduced to two lanes near the Spaghetti Bowl for 250 days.

March 9-12, April, May, July, August, September

U.S. 95 North and Southbound will be closed over six weekends at the Spaghetti Bowl

Spaghetti Bowl ramp closures and restrictions

Ongoing through December

U.S. 95 Southbound to I-15 North ramp closed for 400 days

March 3 through December

U.S. 95 Southbound to I-15 Southbound ramp reduced to one land and detoured for 250 days

Mid-March through Mid-April

U.S. 95 Northbound to I-15 Southbound ramp closed for 30 days

Local Street Ramp Closures and Restrictions

Charleston Boulevard Ramps

Ongoing through March 2

I-15 Northbound off-ramp to Eastbound Charleston Blvd closed for 30 days

Ongoing through March 6

I-15 Southbound off-ramp to Charleston Blvd closed for 45 days

Ongoing through October 10

Charleston Blvd on-ramp to I-15 Southbound closed for 200 days (alternative Pinto Lane on-ramp opens March 6)

Martin Luther King Boulevard (MLK) ramps

March through December

MLK on-ramp to U.S. 95 Southbound closed for 300 days

MLK on-ramp to I-15 Southbound closed for 300 days

D Street Ramps

March through July

D Street on-ramp to I-15 Southbound closed for 145 days

July through November

I-15 Northbound off-ramp to D Street closed for 145 days

Luckily, Project Neon is about 60 percent completed, and these lane and ramp closures represent a bit of pain in order to get a better planned freeway system in Las Vegas and reduce the potential for accidents, and help drivers navigate this congested area more quickly and smoothly.

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