Marco Mizzoni, 27, remembers a fatal accident over the weekend that changed his family forever. The victim in the motorcycle wreck was his father.

“Is it really going to hurt you to wait 10 more seconds, then to dart out? I mean, just think about it. That’s 10 seconds that could change everything,” said Marco Mizzoni.

This was something that didn’t have to happen. It’s a tragedy. Me and my uncle were very close and it’s a sad day for us,” added John Mizzoni, the victim’s nephew.

Mark Mizzoni died on Saturday when his Harley Davidson collided with a car that pulled out in front of him at Nellis Boulevard and Linda Avenue. Unfortunately, his death was the 32nd traffic accident in Metro’s jurisdiction and the seventh motorcycle fatality this year.

I just want to make people aware of motorcycle riders that if something positive can come out of this negative that’s what he would want,” said Marco Mizzoni.

Awareness and safety that one College of Southern Nevada instructor can’t help but emphasize in his Motorcycle Safety Program.

We don’t have the protection that you do riding a car. Our protection is what we put on, our protective gear. There are a lot of tasks when riding a motorcycle, more so than driving a car,” said instructor Roger Fox.

Fox said bike riders must be constantly thinking and searching for dangers on the road – a message the Mizzoni family is helping to spread.

Pay attention. When you are driving, whether it’s a car or motorcycle pay attention to your surroundings because you don’t want this day to happen to you,” said John Mizzoni.