Recently, a pest control worker in North Las Vegas entered the back yard of client’s house to spray. The gate to the backyard was unlocked and he heard no dogs. He relates that after entering the back yard, two pit bulls, “…came around and they just started mauling me.”

“I could start seeing all the tendons when I was moving my fingers and I could see the tendons moving with my own eyes, there was no skin left,” said Mr. Scott Fieger of the attack. Fieger almost lost his hands in this dog attack.

Each day in the United States, 1,000 people are forced to visit emergency rooms across the country to treat injuries caused by dog bites. Furthermore, over 9,000 people per year require overnight hospital care due to being attacked or bitten by a dog. Of all dog bite victims, about one third of attacks affect children under 10 years old.

Not only can dog bites cause extreme pain, they can also be deadly. In 2016, 31 people in the U.S. died because of injuries caused by dog bites.

Beyond the cost to patients and demand this places on the medical system, the personal effects of a dog attack are not just physical, but psychological as well. Being attacked by a dog is terrifying. Many who have sustained dog attacks may develop animal aversion and in severe cases may develop Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The mental and physical injury from a dog attack can be devastating.

Nevada Law: owners are responsible for damages caused by their pets

In 2015, more than a third of all homeowner liability benefits paid out, were caused by dog bites and dog related attacks.

Nevada State Law makes dog owners responsible for damage done to others by a dangerous dog. A dangerous dog is defined as one who, without provocation, “…behaved menacingly, to a degree that would lead a reasonable person to defend himself…” If this is reported twice within an 18-month period, law enforcement may declare the dog “dangerous.” (NRS 202.500)

The statutes further defines a vicious dog if, without provocation, “…it killed or inflicted substantial bodily harm upon a human being…” or after the owner was notified the dog was dangerous, the dog continued the menacing behavior. Once a dog is declared “ vicious” the dog must be put down within seven days, or the owner is guilty of a misdemeanor. If the dog causes substantial bodily harm after being declared vicious, the owner is guilty of a Category D felony.

If a dog injures you, you should retain a lawyer since a web of state, county and local laws governs such cases. A lawyer will know all applicable statutes and how they interact to gain the best outcome for you.

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