2016 Richard Harris Law PSA Contest Entries

2016 Students with a Cause Submissions

Mackenzie Aker and Sabrina Arrington Palo Verde High School

Video Description: This video is made of tips for people who love going on walks or walk from from school/work.”

Jordan Dailey – WINNER Palo Verde High School

Video Description: Texting and driving makes a person more likely to crash. Put your phone away when driving, just in case.

Kylie Staudenmaier and Talia Tenney Palo Verde High School

Video Description: Don’t drink and drive…just in case! You never know what could happen when you get behind the wheel after drinking.

Kevin Camelo Southwest Career and Technical Academy

Video Description: A drivers license gives teenagers and young adults the freedom to explore, but what happens when freedom turns into tragedy? Who’s responsibility is it? This video highlights the all too common speeder, and the responsibility that they hold. Meant to be shown on a social media platform such as Instagram, this video directly hits the hearts and minds of viewers, leaving them with the message to follow the rules of the road, #justincase.”

Abby Stockwell Palo Verde High School

Video Description: A stop motion of road obstacles to remind everyone to be aware of the road Just In Case.

Dominic Alexander Palo Verde High School

Video Description: Robert is a young, law-abiding man, whom one day makes a fatal mistake whilst crossing thy road. #JustInCase

Dominick Alcala Palo Verde High School

Video Description: Pedestrian safety. Look both ways before crossing street.

Madison Scinta Palo Verde High School

Video Description: Our video is meant to portray the importance of locking your doors, just in case, because you never know if someone will try to enter your house uninvited.

Noah Badua Palo Verde High School

Video Description: Our video is about littering. We give out facts from websites we researched about littering. And we demonstrate the action of the subject in our video.

Skyler Huang Palo Verde High School

Video Description: Don’t talk to strangers online!!! You never know who is behind that computer!

Carlos Garcia Palo Verde High School

Video Description: A couple of thugs take advantage of someone not protecting their personal information. Always be aware of security threats to your identity!”

Anthony Adamyan Palo Verde High School

Video Description: Make sure you wear a helmet! It will greatly make your life better and safer! #justincase

Tiffany Voss Palo Verde High School

Video Description: Video made by Yasmine Tovar and Tiffany Voss from Palo Verde High School. Bullying should not exist and you shouldn’t put your hopes down just like believing in pigs flying.

Alyssa Tygh Palo Verde High School

Video Description: A tip if you are a new driver on the road!

Juan Pablo Palo Verde High School

Video Description: Just in case someone asks for your personal information.

Seth Popham Palo Verde High School

Video Description: A POV short telling witnesses of crimes to speak up, just in case they’re next.

Hannah Schneidman Palo Verde High School

Video Description: This video is about some quick tips for internet safety. We all know it’s not the safest thing in the world, but hopefully these quick tips will help students know about the safety of it and what not to do on the internet.

Short Story and Poem Submissions

Katherine Metzger
Northwest Career and Technical AcademyDescription: This is a poem I wrote about all the things you should do or have to be prepared for unexpected situations.

When something wild happens
And you get a little scared
Don’t worry, panic, or freak out
Just next time, be prepared!

If you’re going on a hike
Bring an umbrella for the rain
And if you drop spaghetti on your new white shirt
There’s no need to complain

Just throw it in the wash
(as fast as you possibly can)
And use the special cleaning spray
Which you should always have on hand

If your flashlight batteries burn out
I know you will not shed a tear
Because you’ll remember the extra pair
That you always keep so near

Always keep some band aids
For little scrapes and cuts
And keep a good spare tire on your car
Or else it’ll drive you nuts!

Keep a tool bag handy
For quick fixes around your home
And bring an emergency radio
No matter how far away you roam

Soon you will discover
If you haven’t learned it yet
That life throws curveballs everyday
But there’s no need to fret

As long as you prepare
And plan for a rainy day
You’ll have everything you could possibly need
And you’ll be on your way!

Ingrid Oliver Mori
Legacy High SchoolDescription: The submission is a short story based on a true story that I experienced and thought it was applicable for the theme proposed.

The unexpectancies of life

During my fourteen years of life I have encountered many “Just in cases.” From moving countries to moving schools countless times. I have been through many situations that I had to learn new languages. I have also been through a circumstance in which I had to learn how to adapt myself to new environments. Just in case I would have to face everything again, I will work hard in order to accomplish my goals and make them come true. Just in case someone criticizes me, I would take it only as simple advices for me to improve myself.

At the age of three I had to adapt myself in Japan. It was not actually hard for me because I was just a little kid and I did not even care about moving to new countries and making new friends. Since then, I had to go back to my original country, Brazil. I was born in Brazil and I spent my whole childhood there. I had a lot of friends and I was already adapted to it. But the fact that life was getting harder for us and we could not live in Brazil anymore, pushed my family to start a new life in a new country. We decided to live in Peru for three months, but then, my mom wanted to give a better education to my sister and I. Consequently, my sister and I were the first ones to go to the United States. My parents had to stay in Brazil for a while.

Everything was so different from Brazil. In the beginning of this journey, I admit, it was not easy for me and my sister to live without our parents . I believe that moving to the United States was harder than moving to Peru. I had to stay for one year in a program called ESL, which is a program for students that do not speak English. My sister was one of the reasons why I handled these situations. She was always there for me, to help me and support me. And just in case I move out again, I know I will be prepared to face anything.

I would love to have the opportunity to get this scholarship. I am going to make this money useful. I want to be able to retribute all the things my sister and my parents have done for me. I want to graduate from High School and attend an university. And just in case that things do not work out as I want, I will still keep trying over and over again. No matter what happens, I will always have my family by my side and they will always support me and encourage me to have new experiences in my life.”