2015 Richard Harris Law PSA Contest Entries

Students with a Cause 2015 Entries

Congratulations to Johnny Morales Jr and Jordan Libby of Palo Verde High School!

What if we all believed in ourselves?

By Johnny Morales Jr. and Jordan Libby of Palo Verde High School
WHAT IF WE ALL BELIEVED IN OURSELVES inspirational video showing how Johnny has a passion for drums and believes in himself to play for thousands of people and how Jordan has a passion for basketball and believes he will make it to the pro’s.

When we work towards our passions then we are following what we are called to do, believe you can do it and you will achieve it.”

https://youtu.be/wBrFkS52NmU What if everyone ate healthy food? By Mikaela Hall of Palo Verde High School My PSA demonstrates what would happen if everyone set down junk food and picked up healthy food instead. It shows how people would be happier and healthier while leading more fulfilling lives.

What if We Didn’t Discriminate? By Travis Stowell of Palo Verde High School A stop motion film meant to describe what the world would be like if our society did not discriminate against each others color.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEQeeJWOCho&feature=youtu.be What if everybody was the same? By Hannah Figueras and Tiffany Voss of Palo Verde High School Our video examines what if everyone was the same.

What if we all took the time to serve others? By Alison Casey of Northwest Career and Technical Academy This video answers this question by showing the joy that using your time to give back brings.

What if we thought of ourselves the way we thought of others? By Chinelo Ugochukwu of Northwest Career and Technical Academy A PSA posing a question about self love through interviewee’s insights

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDuzjFRl5a4 What if everyone stopped taking time for granted? By Janelle Avillanoza of Northwest Career and Technical Academy In today’s society it can be found that many people are taking time for granted. Every time we are with family or friends do we realize that it’s a moment to be cherished. How long will it take everyone to realize that once that moment is over it will never happen again. My video’s purpose is to open the eye’s of viewers and show them that every moment should be appreciated, and time should not be taken for granted.

What if everyone drove safer? By Marc Rubio of West Career And Technical Academy In 2013, there were nearly 32,000 fatal car accidents. Its time people attempt to make a difference for the safety of others. If we all take the time to think about what were doing before we get behind the wheel, we might just save a life.

What if Everyone Exercised 30 Minutes a Day By Piper Armstrong of West Career and Technical Academy