As the entertainment capital of the world it’s not surprising to hear injury incidents reported at hotels. The question is, what does a person do after the injury in order to keep their well-being in tact.

In this video, Richard Harris overviews the hotel injury claim assistance the attorneys in his Law Firm provide to Las Vegas residents and visitors.

We hope you don’t need us; but, if you do, we’re here.

One of the biggest misconceptions we see from folks who have come to Las Vegas and they’re injured in, let’s say, one of the hotels, is that that hotel will want to quickly settle the case in order to avoid the bad publicity, the bad goodwill, that will be brought on if one of their guests were injured.

The fact is that so many of these claims are being presented that the hotel casinos do not settle these cases quickly, they do not settle these cases fairly, and in many cases, in fact, I would say the large majority of cases a lawsuit is going to be required. And the casino hotel does not care about the potential bad publicity or loss of goodwill. So the injured guest needs to get a lawyer quickly and protect their rights to make sure that the evidence is preserved and the documentation is gathered and submitted an effort is made to try to settle the case. But to be fully prepared to file that lawsuit, prepare the case for trial in an effort to get the settlement that is fair for that particular client.