On Thursday August 13, 2020, construction worker Kifer Casarez was touching up black exterior panels near the top of Allegiant Stadium, when his boom lift tipped over, plummeting the small gondola holding Mr. Casarez to the ground.  He was injured but conscious, and was taken to a local hospital for treatment.  His current condition is unknown; however, it appears he has gone through several surgeries per the Facebook page established to collect donations for his treatment.

Ironically, the stadium was declared substantially complete on July 31, which paved the way for the Raiders to take occupancy of the facility, however a punch list of over $1 million of additional work remained to be completed by the end of November.  During the 996 days of regular construction, the stadium’s record for safety was extremely high with very few minor accidents for a project of this kind.  An investigation is underway by Mortenson/McCarthy the project’s prime contractor and by OSHA to determine the cause of the accident.  Unknown at this time is whether the boom lift may have failed, or whether operator error may have caused the accident.  In either case, our thoughts are with Mr. Casarez and we wish him well during his treatment and recovery.

Major Construction Projects and Accidents

In Las Vegas, we’ve grown accustomed to major construction projects and look forward to many more as the economy of Southern Nevada continues to grow and mature.  Construction projects by their nature carry a certain level of risk, which in many cases can lead to accidents on the job.  Management and workers in these fields have developed training and procedures to minimize the potential for accidents, but even the most careful job sites can be subject to accidents due to equipment failure, operator error, defective materials, and many other factors.

All jobs carry risk of accidents

Besides the construction projects in our town, many other jobs carry risk due to the dangerous nature of the job at hand.  Even workers in apparent low risk environments can be subject to accidents at work, which can leave long lasting and sometimes permanent effects.  When injured on the job, a system has evolved over many years to address treatment for job related accidents and conditions, including temporary and permanent disability for such accidents.

The system is called Worker’s Compensation. All employers in Nevada are required by law to provide workers compensation coverage for their employees.  The employer must carry WC insurance or be self-insured.  As Workers Compensation has developed in the U.S. a compromise has developed: if you are injured on the job, Workers Compensation will be provided and in exchange, employers will be exempted from lawsuits against them for work related injuries.

Workers Compensation insurance and laws are quite complex in their nature and many employees may not even be aware of the most basic tenets of Workers Comp.  In Nevada, the system is administered at the state level, by the Nevada Department of Industrial Relations (DIR).

While most minor accidents and injuries are handled easily within the Workers Comp system, major accidents and injuries may require the representation of an attorney to ensure that you obtain all the benefits due to you by Workers Compensation law.

The Richard Harris Law Firm represents injured employees in disputed Workers Compensation Claims

If you have been seriously injured on the job and your employer or their WC carrier is not providing coverage according to the law, the lawyers of the Richard Harris Law Firm are here to assist you.  We are well versed in all aspects of Worker Compensation and will represent you to obtain all benefits due to you.  If you have been injured at work and are not receiving benefits as promised, call our firm today to discuss your potential case at (702) 444-4444.

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